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Left unchecked, technology turns people into proxies. That’s why it’s so crucial that we integrate empathy and compassion into the design process.

Whitney Hess
I am a UX/UI Designer focused on providing innovative solutions, simplifying complex problems, and humanizing technology. My approach to design is fueled by my love for people and my education in psychological research. My mission is to understand the user and their needs. I also use data to analyze behaviors and understand how to tailor fit a design solution to build a loyal relationship with a brand.
We can utilize data to help understand users, their behaviors, and preferences. On a daily basis, we’re analyzing user needs and business needs and viewing them through a lens of empathy. Innovative ideas can disrupt industries, but if they don’t create connections then they will not create loyal customers. The ultimate goal is to create connection. If we approach design with users needs first - ROI driven results will follow.


Educating teams on user centered design

UX Strategy and Design

Problem Solving

Working with teams to find the best solution together

Leading Design Sprints
Strategy and Ideation Sessions

User Testing

Conducting Observational and Task Based User Testing

Conducting User Studies
User Validation

Specialties and Skills

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs
    Journey Mapping
    Persona Creation
    Ideation Sessions
    Storyboard Creation

People ignore design that ignores people.

Frank Chimero
    User Flows
    Usability Evaluations
    Task Flows
    Empathy Maps

Make every pixel count.

Joshua Rothman.
    Hi-Fidelity Designs
    Asset Collection

If you don’t talk to your customers, how will you know how to talk to your customers?

Will Evans
    User Interviews
    Focus Groups
    Card Sorting
    Data Gathering
    Quantitative Research
    Qualitative Research

If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.

Dr. Ralf Speth

What people say...

Kendall is hands down one of the best UX Designers I've worked with. She advocates for the user while balancing stakeholder relationships, shows up as an expert in every conversation, and is also just fun to be around. Kendall has been a grassroots force for the value of UX design at RevUnit, even hosting a company-wide Lunch N Learn sharing her expertise. As if that isn't enough, Kendall goes above and beyond her role. She created a promotional package for one of the products she led for our team (marketing), which we've used.... Read More Recommendations via LinkedIn Profile

Rebecca Black, Director of Brand Strategy at RevUnit

What people say...

I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside many skilled designers in my career. Among the top are those that exhibit traits beyond the craft, itself; traits such as relational savvy, empathy, and a never-ending pursuit to do right by the users of the products for which she researches and designs. Kendall is the sort of person who helps a team gel while getting to the heart of issues faced by the team, the client, and the stakeholder. Further, she is extremely logic and data-driven and approaches her work meticulously and methodically... Read More Recommendations via LinkedIn Profile

CJ Weatherford, Principal UX Designer and Researcher at RevUnit

What people say...

Hands down, Kendall is one of the best people I have had the privilege to work alongside. She takes her role in UX Design & Research to another level by investing extensive time into studying the end user's behaviors, and understanding their needs. It is very clear that what matters most to her is allowing all voices to be heard, and she takes it all into consideration when working on a product. This includes key stakeholders, client partnerships, end users, as well as the internal Development and Product team members. She is flexible... Read More Recommendations via LinkedIn Profile

Kendra Anthony, Product Owner at RevUnit

What people say...

Kendall is a talented and versatile designer and UX researcher. She carries a deep and authentic empathy for users and her teams into the work she does. She came to RevUnit at a critical time in the growth of our design team and helped us build out our research practice into what it is today. In the time we worked together, she led out on—and supported—some of our largest bodies of work. Whether creating research deliverables, wireframes, or UI mock-ups, Kendall always made sure her team had what they needed. Working remotely is a challenge for some people, but Kendall never left her team wanting for engagement or visibility, which is a skill worth mentioning... Read More Recommendations via LinkedIn Profile

Joe Payne, Chief Opearting Officer at RevUnit

What people say...

First off, Kendall is just a joy to be around. She's fun, full of enthusiasm for her work and really dives deep into her projects fast. She's able to get up to speed and figure out what needs to be done before most people even have a grasp of what the project is. Kendall can navigate rigid enterprise level structure and self starting agency culture with the same ease and acts a bridge between the two.At RevUnit, she helped to drive internal projects to improve our design process and client delivery. She's always looking to learn and improve... Read More Recommendations via LinkedIn Profile

Lauren Arste, Design Director at RevUnit


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